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Our wedding dance instructors are not dancers who are teaching while they're waiting to get through in their next audition. Our wedding dance instructors are dedicated & highly trained teaching professionals, whose main goal is to help YOU feel comfortable on the dance floor & give you one less thing to worry about on your special day!


It's really important for you to know, we know that you generally are not a professional dancer. In fact for many of you, the last time you danced was at school. While we will offer you options of dips and lifts, if you want them in your choreography we'll teach you exactly how to execute them safely without inuring your bodies or ruining your expensive attire. We know which lifts are safe, fun & look amazing!


While the main goal is always the same for each wedding dance we create, to have you the newly married couple, feeling comfortable on the dance floor, each routine is choreographed & detailed for each individual wedding dance couple and taught in a way that helps YOU feel like this is going to be an easy part of your special day. 


The majority of our couples come to us because they have either never danced before, or the most dancing they did was in school sport back in high school when they had to dance.

Now attending one of the most important days of their life, they simply don't want to feel out of place, shuffling from side to side!

We absolutely have the odd couple here and there who come through our doors who have tones of dance experience and want something so glorious choreography for them it catapults them into the wedding dance hall of fame!

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