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Romantic AND Fun Wedding Dance Brisbane 🤩

Wedding Couple in a dip kissing
Wedding Dance Dip with Cat and Gareth

When I first spoke to Cat and Gareth about how they envisioned their wedding dance, they said they wanted it to be romantic AND fun. After 5 lessons together, I realised they wanted their dance to reflect them as a couple, and romance and fun aligned with that.

The song they had chosen was a classic. It's calm and beautifully written lyrically.

One of my favourite parts of their dance was something they requested. For Cat to dip Gareth, and in the video, you can see that their guests loved this moment because they clearly understood them as a couple.

You can see the moment here 🤍

A dance doesn't have to be crazy and wild for it to be memorable, and Cat and Gareth who took wedding dance lessons in Brisbane, showed that to be true with special moments within their wedding dance.


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